Could you benefit from CEO coaching in the UK?

Being a CEO of a large or small corporation is a rewarding venture, but is also one that comes with lots of responsibilities. If you’re a CEO, then everyone will look to you for answers and guidance. Your employees need you to be congruent, honest, reliable and confident, and if you’re lacking in any of these areas then coaching may just be for you.

Michael Serwa offers personal sessions to those who want to work on their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. No two sessions are ever the same with Michael, and he will tailor each session to your requirements. Whether you’re dreading your first duty as CEO or want to convey confidence and ability, Michael is here to help.

He has helped build peoples strengths and confidence levels for many years, and has worked with an array of people. Ranging from CEO’s and celebrities, to artists and writers.

To learn more about Michael and his unique methods, take a look around the website today. If you’d like to book a session with Michael, drop him an email at [email protected] or call him on 07738 173913.