I have authored the very well-received book, titled From Good to Amazing: No Bullshit Tips For The Life You Always Wanted. It’s a collection of my top tips from different areas of personal development, written in a conversational and direct style, with a few personal stories here and there.

The book is designed to give readers a compassionate kick up the arse so they can become a better version of themselves, living happier and more fulfilling lives. It’s a fresh take on the self-help genre. It deals with some of the most serious parts of life in a light-hearted, straight to the point and jargon free way.

One of the Amazon reviewers made me laugh by saying: ‘Amazingly, this book summarises ALL the other personal development and self-help books on my vast bookshelves. If my husband knew, this he’d make me throw all the others away and keep re-reading this one…’

You can check it out here. And here is the video from the book launch event.

I’m currently writing my second book called Love Everyone, Take Shit From No-One: The Art of Social Dynamics.