Over the last eight years, I’ve built one of the most successful personal coaching practices in the world (No.1 in the UK). I’ve done it ethically, without the need to hard-sell, and all while having plenty of fun in the process. I truly believe this is the best profession in the world – changing lives and being paid for it.

Book a consultation if you would like to discuss how I could assist you in building (or growing) your coaching practice with a 12-Month Apprenticeship Programme (if you are in a ‘playing with the idea of becoming a coach’ phase, we have nothing to talk about yet). Your investment would be between £10,000 and £30,000, so do make sure you are both willing and in a position to invest in your professional development at this level before contacting me. One of my former apprentices generated over 100k in coaching fees in 2017 (her year one), working with some incredible individuals. 

Please don’t message me asking for tips and advice, to point you in the right direction or to ‘pick my brains’. I’m a professional coach, not a social one.