Following the calling I found in my late 20s, I set out to build what, over the years, became the most successful personal coaching practice in the UK (with a consistent mid-six-figure turnover exclusively from one-to-ones), working with many truly remarkable people.

I’ve also mentored many UK-based coaches, as well as some in the US, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, and Bahrain.

My mentorship programmes, by combining my framework, tools and philosophies with utilising your own experience and innate skills, are designed to support your transition into a thriving coaching career or elevate an existing one.

Two of my former mentees built six-figure businesses in their first year. One doubled the size of their six-figure business; one quadrupled it. Twelve talk about the impact of the work we’ve done here.

Request a consultation if you would like to discuss what I could do for you in depth, and if we choose to work together, you are willing to make a five-figure investment in your professional development at the moment.

My mentors included Steve Hardison and Daniel Priestley, whom I consider to be friends today.