My personality and coaching style can be too much for most people, which is okay as I’m not a coach for most people.

I work with winners, high and super-high achievers. I work with people who are either successful already or on their way to becoming successful. I am to my clients what sports coaches are to athletes, and my clients are the equivalent of Olympic athletes.

I’m the first choice for CEOs and other HNWIs and their children for a good reason: we live and think in a similar way, and I’m well-versed in the language of success and winning, understanding its joys and pains, just as they do. Everyone needs someone but you’re not everyone. That means that your ‘someone’ can’t be just anyone either.

I’ve always been a free spirit, a maverick, and I tend to attract similar people. Other things we might connect on are: kindness/ generosity, ambition/ drive, liberal views, appreciation for the finer things in life, and sometimes perfectionism/ obsessiveness as well.

I often work with strong individuals with big personalities and/ or the smartest people in the room. They have a hard time finding a coach they think can handle them and/ or meet them at their level. When you get to a certain point in life, everyone is afraid to tell you the truth. I’m never afraid.

My clients included a former NASA engineer, the chairman of a big international bank ranked in the top 20 bankers in the world, a Saudi prince, the CEO of FTSE AIM 100 company, a former lieutenant-colonel in the British Intelligence Corps, a top cardiologist, the CEO of an insurance company, the owner of a horse racing track, a professor of economics, a former bank CEO, a billionaire’s daughter, and a baron’s son.

I serve you to my best capability without fear of hurting your feelings or ego. I help you produce the best results as quickly as possible using my signature no-bullshit approach. I will often be the only brutally honest person in your life, the only person who can make you see what you cannot see yourself. Sometimes even your best thinking is wrong, and I’m going to tell you when I think so, no matter who you are.

And listen, it’s okay if you don’t fully believe you can become who you want to become or achieve what you want to achieve when you first come to me. I will believe for both of us until you do, too.

Most people lead mediocre lives. On their deathbeds, they look back and regret those lives. Not my clients.