Over the last five and a half years, I’ve built one of the top 1% most successful life coaching practices on the planet. I’ve done this ethically, without the need to hard-sell, and all while having plenty of fun at the same time. I truly believe this is the best profession in the world – changing lives and being paid for it.

I’ve experienced and witnessed the incredible results of life coaching. Because of this, I am on a life-long mission to bring it to the awareness of as many people as possible. As part of this mission, I want to share as much of the knowledge I’ve learnt over the years with as many coaches as possible. See below for the ways I’m doing this, and let me know how I can help you be the best coach you can possibly be.

Facebook – I run a group for coaches of all experiences called Becoming a Pro – come and join us, it’s free. 

An Online Course – I’ve created an online course called How to Build a Six Figure Coaching Business – you can find it on Udemy.com.

12 Month Apprenticeship Programmes – Book a consultation if 1) you are a coach or at the very least have firmly decided to become one (if you are just playing with the idea of it, we have nothing to talk about yet), 2) you are serious about a possibility of working with me (or my team). 

Please note, what is described above are the only ways in which I can assist you. Please don’t email me asking for tips and advice, to point you in the right direction or to ‘pick my brains’. I’m a professional coach, not a social one.