I don’t improve my clients’ lives, I transform them. 

My speciality is taking people and making them more of who they really are. 

I’ve always been into psychology, personal development and high performance. I’m in a great place right now simply because I designed it this way. If I can do it, so can you, if you’re willing to do the work that is. 

To date, I’ve worked with around 300 men and women on a one-to-one basis; I’ve spoken at around 250 events on a wide variety of personal development and business topics; I’ve written a book and many articles.

I’m in The Coaching Movie – the world’s first full-length coaching documentary featuring the likes of Jack Canfield, John Demartini and John Gray expected to be released later this year. I’ve also been featured in a number of magazines such as Forbes, H EditionSquare Mile, Mayfair Magazine (print and online) and Spear’s (print). 

I love what I do and I love who I do it with. I’m a rebel, unorthodox, big thinker and I tend to attract similar people.

I believe, beyond any doubt, that I can be anyone, have anything and be with anyone I want. Through 11 years of personal development I’ve eliminated all limiting beliefs. As far as I’m aware of anyway.


Other things you might like to know about me:

• I’m OCD.

• I’m not always happy.

• I’m 34 and I can’t drive.

• I’m a failed jazz trumpet player. 

• I occasionally coach my coaches. 

• I can’t handle heat nor spicy food.

• I am as materialistic as I am spiritual. 

• I don’t have a TV. I do watch a lot of Netflix though.

• My extreme confidence is sometimes mistaken with arrogance.

• I’m prepared to try everything once. Except for heroin. And sex with a man.

• If I drink cocktails, they’re always the most ‘girly’ (sweet and colourful) ones.

• People say that my kitchen looks like it’s never been used. That’s because it hasn’t. 

• I used to be a lifeguard, but today I don’t even like swimming. Or any other form of cardio for that matter. 

• There was a period when I was taking antidepressants. It was while I was coaching already and I felt like a fraud. 

• I’ve seen The Godfather, Forrest Gump, and Shawshank Redemption (my top three favourite movies of all time) at least 10 times each.

• I used to think that I’m a man and therefore I can’t wear pink. Now I think that I’m the man and therefore I can wear whatever the hell I want.

• Amongst other things, I’ve been called both the Russell Brand and Chuck Norris of coaching. I don’t know about the latter, but you get the idea.

• I came to London in 2005 by bus because I couldn’t afford a plane ticket. It took me 27 hours and I wouldn’t recommend it. Then I spent the first two weeks living in a squat. I wouldn’t recommend it either. 

• When I was 17, I left school and never went back. It was one of the best high schools in my city. It took my parents 10 years to get over it. Now when I provide for them, they don’t even mention it funnily enough.