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Hello, I’m Michael Serwa, and I’m not your average communication coach. I’ve spent over a decade transforming the lives of 500+ individuals, and I’ve built a pretty exceptional life for myself along the way.

I haven’t always lived in penthouses or travelled the world staying in the best hotels, but my unique journey—from arriving in London with limited English to achieving success beyond my wildest dreams—has given me an unparalleled understanding of personal growth and communication.

Michael Serwa

Transform Your Communication, Transform Your Life

I’ve been featured on the BBC, Sky and in the world’s first full-length coaching documentary, Leap. My unique, no-nonsense approach has earned me recognition in Spear’s 500 and The Telegraph, solidifying my reputation as a leading communication expert.

Michael Serwa featured in GQ

I don’t just improve communication skills—I radically transform how you connect with the world. We’ll delve deep into your goals, whether it’s gaining unstoppable confidence, becoming a remarkable leader or mastering social interactions.

Perhaps you want to command a room during a presentation, ace a job interview or simply connect more deeply with those around you. Whatever your aspirations, we’ll tackle them head-on.

GQ, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, BBC, Sky

Proven Strategies for Lasting Impact

I don’t rely on generic templates or cookie-cutter solutions. I draw upon my extensive experience and deep understanding of human behaviour to develop personalised strategies that get results. We’ll work together to uncover your unique strengths, address your challenges and build the communication skills you need to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Michael Serwa life coach

Bespoke Coaching for Unmatched Results

My coaching programs are bespoke, designed exclusively for you. Your goals become my goals. I offer a personalised, Michelin-starred experience, complete with 24/7 WhatsApp access and the opportunity to tap into my vast network.

I’ll be your trusted confidant, your relentless cheerleader and your strategic partner on this transformative journey.

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Your Success Is My Priority

I know firsthand the power of communication to change lives. I’ve seen it in my own life and in the lives of countless clients. Don’t go it alone. Let’s create the life you truly want. Ready to talk? Reach out at

Michael Serwa as featured in The Guardian

Success Stories

Watch and read what my clients have to say about me and our journey together.

Lynn Margolis

Lynn Margolis
Fine Art Portrait Photographer

Lee Taylor

Lee Taylor
Serial Entrepreneur

Amanda C Watts

Amanda C Watts
Founder & Managing Director at Oompf Global

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