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Michael Serwa: Your Life Coach in Bloomsbury

If you’re looking for vague theories, wishy-washy promises and feel-good fluff meant to distract you from real work, you’re in the wrong place. I’m all about action—bold, targeted, transformative action. This is where you get exactly what you want from life and become the most unstoppable, exceptional version of yourself.

If this sounds like the kind of change you’re looking for in life, then I’m the coach for you. Connect with me today to begin a journey of self-discovery, action and life-changing improvement.

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I’ve Been There, Made the Mistakes, and Found My Way to the Top

Look, I wasn’t always living the high life. When I first landed in London, I was broke, working a soul-sucking retail job and failing miserably at the whole social scene. I figured things out the hard way—making every blunder imaginable.

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I wasted time chasing the wrong goals, struggled with self-doubt, and battled limiting beliefs that kept me playing small. But you know what? Those struggles were a gift.

They taught me what works and what doesn’t. They forged the path I teach my clients, saving them from the same pitfalls I stumbled through.

Michael Serwa life coach

Transform Your Life, Don’t Just Improve It

I don’t play the incremental change game. I’m about full-blown life transformation. We’re talking about obliterating the old ladder and building something radically better. A life custom-designed to suit your ambition and potential.

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Michelin-Starred Coaching - The Gold Standard

Forget one-size-fits-all programs. My approach is akin to a Michelin-starred experience: perfectly tailored, laser-focused, and relentless in its attention to detail. Every aspect is fine-tuned to deliver maximum impact on your goals.

Michael Serwa life coach

Ready to Take Life Beyond Average?

Going it alone is tough. You can waste years and endless energy chasing the wrong things or settling for an average life. Why settle for less when I can help you cut through the noise and reach for the extraordinary?

It’s time to gain unstoppable clarity, ignite your purpose with rocket fuel and build a life that makes people stop and stare. If you are ready to level up and looking for a life coach in Bloomsbury, contact me at

Michael Serwa

Success Stories

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Margaret McEnery

Margaret McEnery
Cost and Project Manager

Pat Lynes

Pat Lynes
Founder & CEO of Sullivan & Stanley

Anjelic Kumedzina

Anjelic Kumedzina
Global Director of Talent &
Co-founder of Kookoo But Kind

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