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Life Coach in Soho

My name is Michael Serwa. I didn’t become the top life coach in Soho (and the UK) by telling people what they want to hear. I became the top life coach by telling people what they need to hear. But that doesn’t mean a session with me is like military boot camp. Not at all. I simply traffic in the truth. The truth about your situation, the truth about what’s holding you back, and the truth about the steps you need to take to transform your life from frustrating to fabulous.

The Only Life Coach in Soho You’ll Ever Need

It is not my job or my desire to mollycoddle anyone's fragile ego. My job is to identify and hack away at the psychic clutter that has taken your potential hostage so that you can become the person you know you are deep down inside. I work with the elite and with those who aspire to be elite because with my particular set of skills, anything else would be a waste of time. 

Am I Right for You?

If you’re the smartest person in the room and have been unable to find a life coach in Soho who will be straight with you because they don’t want to upset you, I’m your guy. I will help you see those things you’ve been unwilling or unable to see about yourself that are holding you back. Even if you are currently doing well you can expect to find an extra gear after working with me for a while.

I don’t have an advanced degree in life coaching. In fact, I don’t have an advanced degree in anything. But what I do have is insight, and the ability to transmit that insight in a way my clients can use to transform their lives from the unsatisfying slog they currently are into what they have always imagined they should be. It’s not a party trick or an empty promise. It’s the truth. Nothing more, nothing less.

Get in Touch

If you’re tired of falling short of your own expectations write to me at I’ll let you know when I’m available and we can arrange a sit-down (if you’re in London) to determine if I’m the life coach in Soho you need. And not to worry, the sit-down is free and everything you say will be treated with the utmost confidence and discretion.