Giulietta Durante

Health Coach & Nutritionist

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Before I started working with Michael, I had been working hard on my business for years. It was going well, but I kept getting stuck in the same spots and meeting the same barriers. I knew I could do better, I just didn’t know how. I had a niggling thought that I had some limiting beliefs to work on, but no coach could get to them with me and no-one ever stood up to me to tell me what I needed to work on.

Whilst I was satisfied with my life in general, I felt there was something missing. I needed help with my abilities as a businesswoman. Instead of tackling it, I've always found ways to ignore it. Sometimes, I was filled with fear that I’d never get any further in my business. Then, I’d sweep that under the mat and convince myself I was doing alright compared to my peers so I was fine. I was just too afraid to face the fears that I could charge more, that I was worth more and that I could grow a really lucrative business.

I met Michael through a fellow health coach. We met for coffee one day and I couldn’t believe her transformation: her body language, the glint in her eye - she was giving off this empowered, motivated and inspired vibe. I asked her what had done this for her, which is when she told me about Michael. I thought ‘I want some of this too!’

One of the reasons I've decided to work with Michael is that he took the time to talk to me, and find out about me before we started working together. I’d contacted other coaches, but they only offered 15 minute phone calls or fuzzy Skype calls. I sat with Michael for 2 hours talking, digging deep and being honest about how he could help me. I felt I really knew the person I would be working with before I started working with him. I wasn’t getting a generic coaching programme, I was going to get exactly what I needed.

The other reason for working with Michael is that I love his ‘no bullshit’ approach. I could run circles around other coaches. I would tell them I’d done things when I hadn’t. They didn’t pick up on my limiting beliefs, and whilst I am confident, I needed someone who would challenge me, push me and find out more about what was stopping me.

I was very impressed with my results. Business-wise, my income soared pretty much instantly. I had a greater understanding of my limiting beliefs and got to the bottom of all those niggling issues. I learnt that I can help people as a coach AND charge money - with no shame. I switched into a business mode with a real sales hat on for the first time in my life. After walking out of the very first session, I had action points which were outside of my comfort zone, but when I went for it and achieved these instant results, I was thrilled!

I thought carefully about investing in Michael. I had a gut feeling about working with him and I’m so glad I trusted that. I have already made the money I invested back and I have such a clear vision for the future that I’ll never regret it. He is worth every single penny and if I needed more coaching I would only go back to him.

He’s very professional and his attention to detail is second to none - he never forgets anything you’ve said, even when you have. He is always well prepared for the sessions and he really cares about his clients. He has this passion for helping people. He’s texted me out of the blue with some ideas for me. He really cares, and he's honest; truly honest.

Working with Michael is a big investment and you have to be sure you’re ready for it. Be aware that you’ll work on things you’re scared of working on. Be prepared to have everything laid open. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you want to take things to the next level and wake up thinking ‘I’m living the dream’, then working with him is definitely a must.