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I’ve had a number of careers in my life, and I tended to stick around for one or two years at a time. I got into HR because I wanted to help people shine, something that I’m really passionate about. It turns out that’s not what a career in HR is like - it’s much more transactional. I didn’t get to build up relationships, and the corporate aspect meant people put limitations on what they believed they could do. So, I wanted to step out and get into a career where I could make a real impact. Until I could do this, I would be eternally frustrated.

I googled Life Coach in all possible ways, and Michael's name kept coming up! So, I got in touch. What was going through my head was “Why would he want to work with me?” I had a lot of self-doubt, but I got over myself, sent him a message, and he replied in two hours. I met him two weeks after that, and we started working together 10 days later. When you know, you know.

I was deciding whether to work with a business mentor, or go to a coaching school. For me, that was one of the biggest decisions to make, as either way I would be putting myself in debt. After the consultation, I slept on it. I decided that I had to work with him. He has everything I wanted in terms of the coaching practice: a fantastic client list and a reputation that means he doesn’t need to market himself too much to get his clients. I wanted to have that, so I wanted to learn from the best.

I quit my job within five months, and thanks to him I now have a steady stream of clients, and I am a confident, motivated and committed to my coaching.

His daily support is amazing. Him and his short, pointed and highly supportive voice messages make all the difference in those wobbly moments.

I also got support from other coaches who worked and trained with Michael, which gave me another network to reach out to and receive the support from. Whilst coaching schools do this, Michael does this too. He links his coaches together to create that support network. He doesn’t give you a magic pill and you have to do the work, but he always turns up with bags of enthusiasm and commitment, if you show it yourself.

The biggest result was in my confidence growth. I thought I was good with people before, but if I look back on where I started, my growth has been huge. The other big result has been my prices. There is no way in the world I imagined I would be charging what I charge now as a coach. It’s five times the amount I was charging when I started.

The investment piece was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome. Going into debt to work with him was a big deal. I worked a lot on my mindset, but I’m so glad I did. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’m making my financial return back and I know it’s only going to go up.

Michael as a coach is fierce and fun. He stretches you far out of your comfort zone, because that’s what gets results. He will coach you where you need coaching, where you might not enjoy it. For example, I hated being on camera, and now there is a video testimonial of me on his website! We have a mentor/mentee relationship which has been invaluable. His knowledge of the industry, of client issues and challenges, as well as coaching itself, is second to none.

He’s also really approachable. He loves what he does and you feel that. He is far kinder and more generous than he lets on. He might come across arrogant and full of himself on his website, but when you meet him you know he genuinely has your best interest at heart. He gives everything he’s got 24/7.

If you’re thinking of working with him, just fucking do it!