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My assessment scores at our first conversation were much higher than Michael anticipated, so he asked me - what do you need my help with? I wanted to change the shape of my business after 15 years in it, to reduce the amount of training and increase the coaching work. I wanted to shift my revenue streams and do more of what I loved.

I've noticed a pattern - I was feeling stale in my business, as I had felt before in my corporate career and whenever I was doing the same type of work for too long. I felt like I was losing my edge and I needed some new ideas. I needed to reignite the enthusiasm for my business.

Having been in the personal development industry for 30 years , I was still looking for a coach who would suit me, and so it was great to find Michael. I knew he was the man who could challenge me and take my business to the next level. He was and still is the only person I would work with as my coach at this stage in my career.

I love his straightforwardness, his challenging nature and the way he says what he thinks. He always has your interests at heart and always has your back. The main thing I loved is that he works very systematically and is highly organised, just like me. He designed his business in a way which excited me, as it’s exactly what I wanted.

The results I got were multifaceted: I established a systematic way of integrating the private client work with the existing business client work. I was struggling with this before working with him, but now I’m very happy with my structure, it works brilliantly for me.

The results were fast. In one of the first conversations we had, he told me “You have to stop being a coffee-shop coach”, which I did immediately. I started repositioning myself from a social coach to a professional one.

I also got my website right and learnt much more about marketing. I know he’s always at the end of WhatsApp. I know he has my back, which is really useful. Even when you’re a very seasoned coach, you always need a place to bounce things back. He is that for me.

What I didn’t expect was to get a fellow coach as an ally and a friend. This has been gold dust. Once you’ve worked with him he’ll always have your back, both professionally and personally. Even though he’s at the top end of the market, he is still a wonderfully kind man.

When Michael first told me his fees, my initial thought was “Can I justify that?”. I’ve got my ROI 10 fold. With the benefits in confidence, mindset and revenue stream, it’s paid for itself big time. I would encourage people to just go for it if you’re not sure - he always overdelivers.

He isn’t a textbook coach. He's brilliant but he does things his way. He’s a mix between a coach and a mentor. He’s able to adjust his style depending on who he’s working with. He’s direct and tells you exactly what he thinks. He’s very true to himself and brings this out in you.

If you’re thinking of working with Michael, do what I did. Book the initial consultation. I didn’t actually have any intention of working with him, I just wanted to meet this guy. The consultation exceeded my expectations and totally inspired me to work with him.

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and the best money I’ve ever spent. I strongly encourage you to do the same.