Severine Menem

Weight Loss Nutritionist

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Before working with Michael, I was a nutritionist without a business. My business was a wish. I had been working with another coach for 18 months, but I had no clients. I needed a coach who was already successful in building his own business and could help me build mine.

I wanted to help people - but you can’t do that if you have no clients. I was gutted to have studied for three years but was still unable to help people. I was at my breaking point and was even looking for jobs in my old career in finance, which I had hated and had burnt me out.

I realised I needed a mentor. Someone who was ahead of me, to help me understand what it takes to build a successful business, instead of just doing things without a clear strategy in place.

I decided to work with him immediately because he had what I wanted. He is highly professional and has a very strong personality. I have a strong personality too, so I needed someone who wasn’t just going to agree with me all the time.

I wanted to learn how to get clients and within a month with Michael I had turned my two enquiries into clients. What he was teaching me worked. Now, I know exactly how to get clients, I give them what they need, and they have excellent results.

The most unexpected thing I found was that I needed to work on myself as much as my business. I realised the weakness in my business was a weakness in me: consistency. Not that I am not consistent in my business, but that I am not consistent in looking after myself, and that has a direct impact on my business.

Michael is both the sweetest and the harshest person. You never know what he’s going to say, but he’s always helping you to get where you want to be. I really hate him sometimes - when I want comfort he doesn’t babysit me, but pushes me. Equally though, when I’m really harsh with myself, he is there to congratulate me, remind me how far I’ve come and tell me not to be too hard on myself. I love him for that.

Should you work with him? It comes down to how much you want to get results. I asked myself ‘Is it worth having that money in my bank account with a business that doesn’t work, or do I want to do something about it?’ It was a big bet for me, but it’s proven to be a winning one.