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I Transform Lives. Are You Ready for Yours?

I know how to create a phenomenal life. I say that not to brag but to show you what’s possible. That ‘You can have it all’ isn’t just a cheesy catchphrase for me. It’s a lived reality.

Michael Serwa life coach

I came to the UK barely speaking the language, drowning in debt and hopeless when it came to women. I spent years feeling directionless and uninspired. I was in OK shape and battled seriously limiting beliefs.

Through dedication and the right guidance, I built a life that sets my soul on fire. That’s the power of life coaching—and that’s what I offer you.

Michael Serwa in London

Who I Help. Who I Am.

My clients are those who crave a remarkable, fulfilling life. You’re ready to level up in your career, relationships, health, anything that matters to you. You’re driven, ready for a challenge and done living small.

I’m not your average life coach. I ditch the templates for a hyper-personalised approach. Think of it like a Michelin-starred dining experience. Every detail is considered and tailored for the most transformative results.

Michael Serwa's clients

How It Works

This isn’t about making small tweaks; this is about radically transforming your life. We’ll uncover your values, your true priorities, what lights you up — the real YOU.

We’ll tackle the obstacles holding you back head-on with a whatever-it-takes attitude. I’m here to guide, challenge and empower you to step into your absolute best self.

This will be intense. It will be transformative.

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My Promise to You

If you’re truly ready to unlock your best life, here’s what you can look forward to gaining:

  • Clarity: You’ll know yourself better than ever before and have an unshakeable vision for your future.
  • Confidence: No more self-doubt. You’ll move through life with true conviction.
  • Mastery: You’ll live at your absolute peak - happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled.

I’m not here to sell you on coaching but rather to help those who are ready to change their lives. If that’s you, reach out. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

Michael Serwa

Ready to Transform Your Life?

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Michael Serwa life coach

Success Stories

Watch and read what my clients have to say about me and our journey together.

Kimberley Bell

Kimberley Bell
Business Owner

Shazz Bhunnoo

Shazz Bhunnoo
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Founder & Chairman of Spaces

Anjelic Kumedzina

Anjelic Kumedzina
Global Director of Talent &
Co-founder of Kookoo But Kind

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