Adam Hamadache

Founder & CEO of DHM

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When I met Michael, I was in a toxic relationship and ran a struggling business. Everything was too much. I had no foundation, and it was a very tough period in my life. I sought help, and fortunately, I found Michael.

All of this really affected my happiness and I felt like everything was falling apart. I was living for the weekend - zoning out from my problems at work and at home, but it was a vicious cycle. I was in a challenging place and needed some intervention.

I loved working with Michael because of his direct, almost brash approach. His brand is who he is: it’s not an act. There is a preconception that life coaches are a bit hippy and woolly, pushing meditation and so on, but he smashed my preconceived prejudices and I knew it was right to work with him.

At the time, I felt my mind was misty and foggy. Coaching with Michael gave me clarity and helped me find mechanisms to lift the fog. Particularly, gave me the compartmentalisation that I needed to deal with one issue at a time, rather than trying to solve everything at once.

I saw results in the first two weeks. Not everything changed, of course, but I felt something lift. He really listened to me with intent and gave me an uplift in only a matter of sessions. I absolutely feel I got a return on investment, even if it was a large amount. Despite my initial scepticism, it was invaluable.

What I love is that Michael will call you out on something if he thinks you’re lying to yourself. We had some heated discussions, but you always know he’s going to be honest and call you out on your own bullshit. If you’ve got something in your teeth, he’s the guy who will tell you.

When my friends ask, ‘Should I work with Michael?’, I say yes! But first you have to acknowledge there is something going wrong, and then even if you are sceptical and think it’s a lot of money, be open-minded, lean in to the process and engage. Once you get past the scepticism, you will get something pretty damn life changing.

If you’re thinking about working with Michael, stop thinking - just do it.