Akash Chetwani

Management Consultant


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At 27, I was at a crossroads and felt unsure about my future direction. I knew I wanted more growth, but lacked clarity on how to get there. After researching coaches in London, I chose to work with Michael for his reputation and impressive clientele.

In our first session, Michael saw my potential and created a vision for me to build confidence, network, and startup funding. With his direct yet caring approach, he systematically eliminated my self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Within months, my self-esteem skyrocketed. I negotiated higher salaries, secured an MBA spot at a top business school, and made connections with influential leaders. Michael's strategic introductions led to conversations with startup accelerators and VC investors.

Working with Michael is an invaluable investment. He cuts through noise to offer the most effective strategies for outsized success. With his coaching, I've strengthened my character, grown my network, and made tangible progress on ambitious goals.

Now, I move through life with conviction in my abilities. Obstacles that once overwhelmed me are viewed as opportunities. I know my potential is limitless with the right mindset.

For those seeking rapid transformation across health, wealth, relationships and more - Michael is the coach to make it happen. Be ready for a life-changing ride. With his wisdom and high standards, Michael equips you with an unstoppable mindset to achieve your biggest dreams.