Chloe Rayner



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When I first got in touch with Michael, I wanted to gain clarity around my future goals and to improve my decision making. I was sleeping terribly due to anxiety and grief, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to look after those around me.

The biggest hesitation I had was the significant financial investment required for Michael’s coaching. Six months later I can say that whilst on the surface my life hasn’t changed greatly, the inner transformation I have felt was worth every penny and more.

Michael is driven, knowledgeable, and 100% present. From my first session with him, I left feeling motivated and inspired every time. He is such a big-thinker and only sees the positives, he pushed me to open my mind up to new possibilities, and vocalise aspirations that I wouldn’t have explored as quickly, if at all.

One of the things I realised through coaching is that I had lost a lot of confidence over the previous year both personally and professionally, and that I distract myself from my own goals by focusing on others. Michael has since helped me to establish boundaries in my life that have changed me for the better, he was able to pick out my strengths and over time has empowered me to realise them within myself. I now feel focused and able to put everything I’ve learned into a more successful future.

If you’re on the fence as to whether coaching with Michael is right for you, I would suggest that you just take the leap and go for it. There is so little to lose and everything to gain.