James Pethick

Co-Founder and CEO of Be Panda


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I embarked on the startup journey alone and inexperienced. The pressure of time-sensitive tasks, combined with my mindset, lack of structure, and negative emotional states were not only hindering my startup but also damaging personal relationships. I felt drained, lost, and alone. My self-talk was destructive; it impacted both my work and personal life. Every day was a battle against overwhelming feelings and despair.

I recognised the need for guidance, and after reading a glowing GQ article about Michael, I felt compelled to reach out. Although initially hesitant, I wondered if I'd even qualify to work with someone of his reputation. Still, I took the leap, captivated by his evident confidence and no-nonsense approach.

Michael introduced structure, accountability, and metrics into my day. In weeks, I began to see improvements. A few months in, I rediscovered happiness, joy in my work, and a renewed sense of purpose. My relationships flourished; my partner remarked on my changed demeanor, appreciating the 'calm, fun James' she once knew.

With Michael's help, I expanded my startup from being a solo founder to a team of four. We secured funding, our operations improved, and I found a renewed zest for life and business. Michael emphasised the importance of health, fitness, and self-care, revealing the interlinked nature of personal wellbeing and business success.

Beyond business metrics, I found my confidence soaring. My interactions with family improved, I became more present, and even my health took a turn for the better.

Michael had a knack for providing invaluable advice. When it was time for him to tell me "no, we're not going to be doing that," he did so with kindness. He is that friend you instinctively want to turn to for guidance — the person who consistently offers sage advice and reassures you during tough times. To many, he might come across as bold and brash, however beneath that hard exterior, there is a caring, fun, and genuinely supportive individual. While he may have the demeanor of a lion, at his core, he's a gentle pussycat. His unwavering support extends to a level where he would go to the ends of the earth for his clients.

What touched me the most was how he saw the best in me from the very beginning. That recognition boosted my confidence and made me feel incredibly good about myself. His mere presence has this uplifting effect, a testament to his impact as a mentor.

Choosing a coach can be a daunting process. What set Michael apart for me was his candor and the way he made me feel valued. He made me feel like I was the best person out there. Everyone desires recognition, and we all want to feel valued. With Michael, not only did he make me feel great, but he also genuinely meant every word of encouragement he offered.

If you're on the fence about seeking guidance, consider what you truly want. For me, it was a profound change, the kind he has brought about in many high-profile individuals. If you seek transformation and genuine support, Michael could be the coach you need.