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Before I met Michael I didn't have any goals or direction in my life. I had a certain level of happiness but I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I could to achieve everything I want to in life. I wasn't reaching my full potential, I was doing a lot of things but not in an organised way, I wasn't unhappy with my life but I wanted to propel myself into something better. Before coaching, I had a lot of ideas but I wasn't putting any of them into action. I needed to achieve a higher level of happiness and satisfaction in life. I had broken up with my two-year-long boyfriend and woke up the next day and thought, I can either go to bed (like people do when they break up with someone) or I can move my life forward.

I googled ‘UK's best life coach’ and Michael Serwa came up. I looked at his testimonials and decided that I needed him as my coach. I was nervous because his website says that he doesn't accept just anyone. I researched other coaches as well but there was no one in comparison. Michael never holds back from saying exactly what he thinks and I'm the personality type that requires a strong person like that. I can be very stubborn so I need someone to fight back against that and Michael was prepared to do this. I'd watched people on his website saying how amazing he was, I had read reviews and seen him on YouTube so I was very happy when he said yes.

In my first session, we spent over four hours talking because Michael always gives more and goes the extra mile. He asked, what is your goal in life? I said I want to list a company and he asked what happens after you've done that. I said it was presumptive that I would achieve this and he said if that's something you want it will happen… and it did. I have since started a new career in the crypto industry.

He is an intelligent person and there is no dodging what he’s got to say. If you haven't done something he won't bullshit and say it's okay. I didn't need someone to protect my feelings, I needed someone to push me into the next chapter of my life, whether that was uncomfortable or not. I don't like dealing with small problems but they can be the ones that hold you back. I've learned not to cover up the small things but to either sort it or remove it from my life.

Michael is 100% on your side and that's very clear from the testimonials on his website and from working with him. My life is entirely different now; I have goals, I'm organised, I have more confidence and I also have more passion for the things that I'm doing because things that I don't have a passion for I no longer do. I'm now very clear on what I want out of life and who to spend my life with. I have fewer relationships since working with him, but the relationships that I have now are stronger, healthier, and they support me in what I want to accomplish. I have acquired more self-respect, happiness, satisfaction and the motivation to succeed since working with him.

With Michael, you get absolutely everything. Your life gets a 360. I have definitely seen a return on my investment. As a young woman, I feel I have to prove myself a lot; Michael has helped me to improve my confidence in business. I've got so much out of working with him - he affects your entire life without you even realising it sometimes.

Michael is empowering, inspiring, motivating, loud, outspoken, powerful and a complete pain in the arse. He’s no-bullshit, he’s blunt but 100% on your team and determined to fight for what you want in life. There is no other person that can do what Michael does, who’s going to push you as hard and fight with you to accomplish what you want in life. Work with Michael Serwa, there isn’t anybody else like him.