Lynn Margolis

Fine Art Portrait Photographer

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We had moved out of the country for two years, and when we came back, my life was a mess! I was trying to organise my business, my kids and my house all at once. I had too much chaos in my head and I needed someone to ground me, to help point me in the right direction and show me the way to success. That’s why I hired Michael.

I was miserable, unhappy and had no focus. I wanted to be successful in my photography business, but I couldn’t make it happen; I had three kids to look after and a house to sort out. My business was suffering and I felt suffocated. It was a tough time and I needed someone to throw me a life jacket. I couldn’t talk to my husband or friends, I needed somebody neutral to guide me, advise me and to help me find my way.

I liked Michael’s no-bullshit approach because that’s how I am; no filters. I thought we’d get on and be able to get some great work done together with a mutual understanding.

Working with him gave me clarity. He gave me goals to work towards, lists to write down; he even gave me homework, and then called me out on my bullshit if I didn’t do it. I got several kicks up the bum, slaps on the face and many reality checks, and it’s exactly what I needed.

The best wake up call he gave me was when he asked me at my first session what kind of photography I do. I said 'everything'. When he asked whether I liked doing everything, I realised that I hated it. I told him I just loved working with kids. What he said was so simple, but it hit me: 'Then just work with kids'. It felt like being given permission to do what I love to do and be okay with it.

He has a way of organising your life for you. That was great for me, as I have my fingers in many pies. I needed a better work/ life balance, and he helped me to narrow that down, deciding how and when to focus on my work. Time management was key with our sessions - when you have your life staring at you on his enormous whiteboard, you have no choice but to get on with it. It was a kick up the ass and it’s exactly what I needed.

Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself, so you have to decide - are you worth your investment? It was absolutely, 110% worth it for me. There was a monetary return, but more than that, there is something special that you can’t put a price on self-confidence, self-worth and a zest for life.

Michael is a confident and cocky bastard. He knows his shit and he acts like he knows it. But, this is actually very infectious. His positivity and confidence rub off on you, in a good way.

He’s a good-hearted, thoughtful and generous guy. He’s got an ego the size of London, or maybe the world, but it’s okay because he’s a decent guy who wants the best for his clients. As soon as you start getting to know him, you see his ego as confidence and you get him.

Coaching is so important to both personal and business life. If you want to move forward you need to invest in yourself. If you are going to invest in a coach, invest in someone who will push you to do more, be more and see the life that you could have ahead of you. He does all of that because he knows it works and he practises what he preaches.

If you need guidance, someone to tell you exactly where you’re going wrong, where you’re going right, and kick you up the backside to get shit done, you have got to call Michael.