Pat Lynes

Founder & CEO of Sullivan & Stanley

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Before working with Michael, I had built a company from the ground up to the most prominent independent IT and Change recruiter in the UK; I was well-paid and had a big stock package. On paper, it looked great, and I’d worked hard to get where I was, but I just knew it wasn’t right for me anymore. I was frustrated and unfulfilled, which started filtering into my personal life. I needed to decide whether to stay with the company, become CEO or leave and set up my own organisation.

I wanted a coach who was different, who would bring something else to the table. After reading Michael's book, I knew there was a strong chance he was the coach for me. I booked a chemistry session, and the rest is history. I’ve used different coaches in the past, but on this occasion, I had a strong intuition that Michael was the man for this task. It was a life-changing decision, so it was critical that I chose the right person. And I did. 

I had a massive breakthrough that had felt unachievable for two years. Within three months, I had made the decision and was totally content that it was the right one for me, my family and our future. That has been vindicated by the fact that, three years later, the business has been doing well, and I’m fulfilled personally, too. 

The relief from making the decision was instantaneous. Michael took me through the process, and I immediately felt better. Setting up the business wasn’t a walk in the park, but I had decided where I wanted to be and the outcome; no matter how hard it was, I was clear on where I was going, and I could focus on achieving my objectives.

What I didn’t expect to get with Michael was friendship after we’d finished coaching. Other coaches might give you a 6-month check-up call, but not Michael. He’s given me his friendship.

He gives value for money. If you’re thinking about cost, he’s the wrong coach for you. But if you’re thinking about value, outcomes and creating massive breakthroughs in your life, he’s the man to speak to. My return on investment has been off the scale! In three years since I worked with him, I have a successful business, my network has quadrupled, I've published a book, I’ve never been happier at home, and I’ve never been more present with my family. I’m on a journey fulfilling me 100%; that’s the ultimate ROI.

Michael is gloriously direct. As a coach, he builds chemistry and trust. He gets to the guts of what you want to do in life and takes you on a journey from good to elite. His responsibility as a coach is to awaken that ‘eliteness’ inside you and help you operate at peak levels. The sessions leave you feeling energised and knowing exactly what you need to do. He also gives you ultimate accountability, so you can’t fail to achieve what you set out to do. 

He’s a loyal, warm bloke and good fun to be around. I know he might come across as arrogant, but he just knows his own mind and is leading the life he wants to live. He’s also very generous with his time.

Just go and see him. If you’re thinking of working with him, there must be a reason you’re drawn to him. Go for that chemistry session and explore what you can do together. You won't regret it.