Phil Hinitt

Founder of Kabab


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I was working in digital marketing and feeling pretty uninspired. I knew the life I wanted was out there, but instead of living it, I was in a 9-5, unfulfilling job. I knew there was more out there for me when I met Michael.

In his Metro article, he asked, “Are you the kind of person who talks about what you want, but never puts it into action?” That's me, I thought. I bought his book, read it in the park in one day and contacted him that same day.

I chose Michael because of his direct approach. After the initial consultation, I came out thinking, ‘I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain’ and I knew I needed to seize this opportunity, that I wouldn’t ever get where I wanted to be without a push from someone like him.

He’s direct, frank, honest, calls you out and cuts through the bullshit. He expected a certain level of work and preparation from me and really gave me the drive to push myself. He has this unabridged optimism for what he saw I could be. When I had doubts, he picked me up, and if I wasn’t sure I could do something, he would push me to take risks and give it a try. It was this change in attitude to take risks, seize opportunities and challenge myself that had a huge effect on both my personal and business life.

It took me a while to see results, but that’s only because of how long it took me to decide to get out of the 9-5 safe bubble. Once I broke that mould, I could really take big opportunities, push myself and change my life.

To be honest, I was unsure whether I should work with Michael or do it myself - but I needed the push, which was well worth his price - the return on investment was huge, both in business and life.

He genuinely wants people to succeed and is hugely inspiring, as well as fun and compassionate. We had a good laugh! He really is a nice guy, whose passion is to help people become as big as they can be, both in life and business.

You won’t regret investing in yourself by investing in Michael.