Rachel Baws

Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Speaker
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Michael is marmite. You’ll either like him or you won’t and I’m sure he’d agree with that summary, too.

I love him. And I don’t say that lightly. Straight shooting and hard-nosed, he says things like he sees them and cuts through the BS whilst doing it - which as an Aussie, I totally respect. He tells you what he thinks and makes you reconsider or challenge your own set of beliefs. This is absolutely necessary when you’re aiming high and want someone in your corner - having a ‘yes’ person as a coach just doesn’t work. We all have enough of those in our lives.

He’s also a great connector and knows someone in every industry you may possibly need. He’ll get you up the next rung of the ladder and will ensure you have fun whilst doing it.

Calling all Type A personalities – you’ll most likely work really well with him. If you’re the quivering wall-flower type – probably not so much.