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A mix of personal and professional challenges led me to seek out a coach. The personal will stay between me and Michael, but one of my professional frustrations was that my revenue didn’t reflect the high value I add to clients. After several years of grappling with this, I realised that I needed some outside help. A friend recommended Michael to me.

I recall vividly meeting Michael for the first time, determined not to reveal too much about my personal issues until I felt comfortable with him. Well, that worked well, didn’t it? Within a few minutes of meeting him, I’d spilt my guts! He disarmed me with his skillful questions, directness, honesty, humour and no-nonsense approach. Oh yes, and his charm.

Over the few months we worked together, he helped me to build my ‘hustle muscle’, changing my daily routine to devote time to making sales calls, day in, day out, until it had become a habit. Within a few weeks, I saw an uplift in revenue. On the personal front, he helped me confront certain options that for me had previously been unthinkable.

In short, I feel that my time with Michael was well spent and gave me a terrific return on my investment. If asked to describe his style and approach as a coach, I would say that Michael Serwa is the real deal.