Shazz Bhunnoo

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Founder & Chairman of Spaces


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When I first met Michael, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to work on, but I’m a big believer in having a performance coach alongside me to help me grow. Through the initial consultation, we identified what was and wasn’t working in my life and decided to create an action plan to make the change.

The key issue I uncovered was the need for balance in my life. As a self-made entrepreneur, I had a hard focus on work. When I did Michael’s life scores exercise, I found that my fulfilment in work areas was very high, but in areas such as family, friends, and relationships, I had scored very low. I uncovered that my rigorous focus on work cost me my personal life. Ultimately, this led to an overall lack of fulfilment.

I first worked with Michael back in 2011, at the start of his coaching career. Now, seven years later, we’ve both grown to new heights. The experience of working with him now is absolutely phenomenal. The most important thing for me when choosing a coach is finding someone who has achieved the results I want in my life. So, when I was clear about wanting to focus on my relationships, I saw that Michael had the results I was looking for already and was ready to work with him again.

The best thing about working with Michael is his honesty and direct feedback. No matter how candid and direct my friends may be, there is nothing like having someone in your life whose job is to focus on you and your life exclusively, without any hidden agendas. That was invaluable and transformative. I gained a stronger sense of self, deeper confidence and better awareness of myself. By working on the areas that weren’t working, I soon felt more stable, whole and complete, and these changes positively influenced all other areas of my life.

From the first moment with Michael, I felt support, relief, and empowerment. Even if nothing changed in a session, the mindset shifts were amazing. In terms of actual change in my life, it took four weeks to see results because I had to take action to improve my relationships, like making time to visit my parents, organising social events, and arranging dates, all of which take time to happen.

The most unexpected result was that I got myself a girlfriend! To be absolutely clear, that was not my objective.

Being a businessman, I always think of what would be the best use of my capital. It is easy to analyse with data and metrics, but numbers do not apply to your relationships and personal life. I decided to put that thinking aside and focus on my happiness. Having that money in the bank doesn’t improve my life, but putting it into my happiness makes a difference, so I invested in Michael and myself. It was completely worth every penny.

Michael is very direct - for some, it may be very confronting, but because I’m pretty bold myself, I need someone strong. He has the strength of character, the insight and the analytical ability to cut through the bullshit, see when you’re just talking but not really feeling it, and pull you up when you’re making excuses.

He is someone who aims to be the best. He’s on a mission. He’s driven and passionate and will always get the outcome he’s aiming for - nothing will get in the way. Having someone like that on your side, working towards your outcome, is the best thing you can do. He’s someone who really gets the most out of life.

If you want to identify areas of your life that aren’t serving you and feel empowered to take your life to the next level, then Michael is absolutely the guy for the job. He won't give you the answers, but he will help you find your own answers, and that is freedom.