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Elevate Your Game: Life Coaching with Michael Serwa

Proudly serving Regent’s Park, I stand not just as a life coach but as a catalyst for profound transformation. My journey from a fashion retail worker to a penthouse-dwelling, world-traveling, best-shape-of-my-life professional is a testament to the power of fearless living and limitless ambition.

I’m Michael Serwa, and I’m here to show you that “having it all” isn’t just a phrase—it’s a reality you can achieve through dedication and the right guidance.

Michael Serwa life coach

Let’s Pinpoint the Hurdles to Your Success

Every journey to greatness encounters its share of obstacles. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in a career rut, overwhelmed by personal challenges, or simply unsure of your next step. My approach cuts through the noise, offering clear, actionable strategies to overcome these hurdles.

With over a decade of experience and a track record of transforming lives, I know exactly what it takes to push you beyond your limits and towards your dreams.

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Why Choose Michael Serwa as Your Life Coach

Choosing me as your life coach means opting for a transformation that encompasses all facets of your life—professional success, personal growth, social mastery and peak physical condition.

Michael Serwa life coach

My bespoke coaching programs are tailored to fit your unique needs, ensuring that your journey is as individual as you are. Expect not just improvement but a complete overhaul of how you approach life, work, and relationships.

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A Legacy of Success and Expertise

With credentials ranging from keynote speaking at over 250 events to being recognised by the Coach Foundation as one of the top personal coaches, my expertise is both broad and deep. I bring not only my professional achievements but also personal victories to the table, offering a coaching experience grounded in authenticity and proven methods.

My client roster includes CEOs, Olympians, and even royalty, attesting to my capability to elevate the lives of those who are already performing at high levels.

GQ, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, BBC, Sky

Take the Most Important Step on Your Transformation Journey

If you’re ready to leave mediocrity behind and step into a life of excellence, I invite you to get in touch at Whether you’re on the brink of success or already there but striving for more, my coaching is the key to unlocking your fullest potential.

With 24/7 access to my support and an exclusive network that becomes yours, the path to your best life starts here. Let’s embark on this journey together—because when it comes to your life’s ambitions, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

Michael Serwa

Success Stories

Watch and read what my clients have to say about me and our journey together.

Margaret McEnery

Margaret McEnery
Cost and Project Manager

Alberto Verme

Alberto Verme
Sports Entrepreneur

Harriet Shopland-Reed

Harriet Shopland-Reed
Client Success Manager

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