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I help you get it all—the career, health, wealth, relationships, you name it. It’s what I do. Who am I? I’m Michael Serwa, life coach to ambitious individuals in London’s St. James’s. You might wonder how someone who arrived in London barely speaking English transformed into a successful coach living in a penthouse. It’s a fair question.

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The short answer is this: I’ve built a life many would envy. And I did it starting from a less-than-ideal situation. Not to show off, but because I want you to know—if I can transform my life, you can transform yours.

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No Templates, No Nonsense - Just Real Transformation

I take my work seriously. My programmes aren’t some ‘find your purpose’ fluff. Instead, we’ll tackle what really matters: breaking down the barriers that hold you back. We’ll work on building unshakeable confidence, helping you reach new heights of success both personally and professionally. Think of it as life mastery on your terms.

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This is a personalised, high-intensity partnership. Think of it as a Michelin-star coaching experience. You’ll have my complete focus, including 24/7 WhatsApp access. Plus, I’ll unlock the doors to my extensive network, giving you connections that last long after the formal process ends.

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I Don’t Believe in Quick Fixes

There’s no magic pill for success. The transformations I help my clients achieve require dedication and a willingness to confront the tough stuff. Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.

My coaching is designed for those willing to invest in themselves—the time, the commitment, the emotional energy. If you’re ready to challenge your limits, dig deep, and emerge stronger than before, then we need to partner up. If you want to see genuine transformation and reach a level of success you haven’t yet experienced, this is for you.

Let’s be honest; real change takes work. But the payoff—a life you genuinely love across all areas—is worth every ounce of effort.

Michael Serwa

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