“I actually didn’t know exactly what I wanted to work on when I met Michael, I’m just a big believer in having a performance coach alongside me to help me grow. It was only through the initial consultation that we identified what was and wasn’t working, and decided to create an action plan to make the change.

The key issue I uncovered was the lack of balance in my life. Being a self made entrepreneur, I had a hard focus on work. When I did Michael’s life scores exercise, I found that my fulfilment in work areas was very high, but in the areas of family, friends and relationships, I had scored very low. I uncovered that my rigorous focus on work was costing me my personal life. Ultimately, this led to an overall lack of fulfilment.

I first worked with Michael back in 2011, at the start of his coaching career. Now, seven years later we’ve both grown to new heights. The experience with him now is absolutely phenomenal. The most important thing for me in choosing a coach is finding someone who has achieved the results I want in their own life. So when I was clear about my focus on my personal relationships, I saw that he had the results I was looking for already and was ready to work with him. Again.

The single best thing I got from working with Michael was his direct feedback and sheer honesty. No matter how candid and direct my friends may be, there is nothing like having someone in your life whose job is to focus on you and your life exclusively without any hidden agendas. That was invaluable and transformative. I gained a stronger sense of self, deeper confidence and awareness of who I am. By working on the areas that weren’t working, I soon felt more stable, whole and complete and this affected me in all other areas of my life.

From the first moment with Michael, I felt support, relief, empowerment – that bit lighter after every session. Even if nothing physical had changed in a session, the mindset shifts were amazing. In terms of actual change in my life, it took four weeks to see results because I had to take actions to improve my personal relationships. Like making time to see my parents, organise social events and arrange dates, all of which take time to happen.

The most unexpected result was that I got myself a girlfriend! To be absolutely clear, that was not at all my objective. Just a very happy result.

Being a business guy, I always think of what’s the best use of my capital. It’s easy to analyse in business with data and metrics, but harder with relationships and your personal life. But I decided to put that thinking aside and focus on my happiness. Having that money in the bank doesn’t improve my life, putting it into my own happiness makes a difference which is why I invested in Michael and in me. And it was completely worth every penny.

Michael is very direct – for some it will be very confronting, but because I’m quite bold myself, I need someone who is strong. He has the strength of character, the insight and the analytical ability to cut through the bullshit, see when you’re just talking but not really feeling it and pull you up when you’re making excuses.

He is someone who aims to be the best. He’s on a mission. He’s driven, passionate and will always get the outcome he’s aiming for – nothing will get in the way. Having someone like that on your side, working towards your outcome too, is the best thing you can do. He’s someone who really gets the most out of life.

If you want to identify areas of your life that aren’t serving you and you want to feel empowered to take your life to the next level, then Michael is absolutely the guy for the job. He won’t give you the answers, but will help you find your own answers. And that is freedom.”

Shazz Bhunnoo
Real Estate Entrepreneur and Founder of Spaces

“My life was going well and I was happy, until I had some personal challenges which led me to Michael. He helped me to refocus on the areas of life that were important to me and regain some balance. I particularly wanted to work with him on my assertiveness, claiming my value and improving my finances.

I was doing various contract jobs and working with various clients, but not getting paid what I wanted to be paid, as much as I was of value. I wasn’t asking for it, so clients weren’t giving it to me.

I saw Michael as someone who had honed his ability and attitude around finance and his relationship with money. He claimed his value, was doing well, and knew how to manage his relationship with money. He had mastered this and I wanted to learn from him.

Before working with Michael, I was quite passive when people weren’t treating me as well as they should do. He helped me through this to become assertive and not allow people to take advantage. In youth work, there is a culture of doing work for free or low cost and not asking for the value deserved. I had slipped into that culture. I will now tell clients with confidence ‘this is how much I cost’ (which is a lot higher now!).

As well as financial assertiveness, I have developed personal assertiveness. So, when someone isn’t treating me well or not giving me the respect expected in a professional relationship, I am now assertive, and this has given me a much more comfortable space to live in in my businesses.

Michael has a vast network, so is always looking for win-win situations within that network as well. He put forward two formidable people he’d been working with as trustees for our charity, which was a massive boost for us and them. He also connected me with other clients who owned properties. This was beyond the coaching work, but that’s just what Michael does.

For me, my return on investment was around my assertiveness which is very difficult to put a value on, because that’s going to be with me for life. The property connections he gave me and the financial return on that has paid back my investment already as well. The return is definitely there, on both personal and professional level.

Despite the tough guy image, he’s a lovely guy, has a soft centre and is extremely compassionate. When I’m with him, it’s a safe, supported and nurtured space. He’s extremely disciplined, consistent and completely present. He smells BS fast and will nail it as soon as he smells it.

He’s not afraid to share his opinions and you may have strong disagreements with him, but the thing about him is that he’s a really good guy and cares immensely about the people he works with and the people around him.

If you’re thinking of working with Michael – be clear about what you want from it and be ready to work. Do this and you will do well.”

Joseph Duncan
Youth Futures Charity Owner and Short Term Property Rental Business Owner

“When I met Michael, I was in a toxic relationship and ran a struggling business. Everything was all a bit too much. I had no foundation and it was a very tough period in my life. I sought help and fortunately, I found Michael.

All of this really affected my happiness and I felt like everything was falling apart. I was living for the weekend – zoning out from my problems at work and at home, but it was a vicious cycle. I was in a challenging place and needed some intervention.

I loved working with Michael because of his direct, almost brash approach. His brand is who he is: it’s not an act. There is a preconception that life coaches are a bit hippy and woolly, pushing meditation and so on, but he smashed my preconceived prejudices and I knew it was right to work with him.

At the time, I felt my mind was misty and foggy. Coaching with Michael gave me clarity and helped me find mechanisms and ways to lift the fog. Particularly, gave me the compartmentalisation that I needed to deal with one issue at a time, rather than trying to solve everything at once.

I saw results in the first two weeks already. Not everything changed, of course, but I felt something lift. He really intentionally listened to me and gave me an uplift in only a matter of sessions. And I absolutely feel I got a return on investment, even if it was a big amount. Despite my initial scepticism, it was invaluable.

What I love is that Michael will call you out on something if he thinks you’re lying to yourself. We had some heated discussions, but you always know he’s going to be honest and call you out on your own bullshit. If you’ve got something in your teeth, he’s the guy who will tell you.

When my friends ask, ‘should I work with Michael?’, I say yes! But first you have to acknowledge there is something going wrong, and then even if you are sceptical and think it’s a lot of money, be open-minded, lean in to the process and engage. Once you get past the scepticism, you will get something pretty damn life changing.

If you’re thinking about working with Michael, stop thinking – just do it.”

Adam Hamadache
CEO and Founder of DHM Hotel Marketing Agency

“I was working in digital marketing and feeling pretty uninspired but knew there was more out there for me when I met Michael. I knew the life I wanted was out there, but instead of living it, I was in a 9-5, unfulfilling job.

In his Metro article, he asked ‘are you the kind of person who talks about what you want, but never put it into action?’ That’s me I thought. I bought his book, read it in the park in one day, and contacted him that same day.

I chose Michael because of his direct approach. After the initial consultation, I came out thinking ‘I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain’, and I knew I needed to seize this opportunity; that I wouldn’t ever get where I wanted to be without a push from someone like him.

He’s direct, frank, honest, calls you out and cuts through the bullshit. He expected a certain level of work and preparation from me and really gave me the drive to push myself. He has this unabridged optimism for what he saw I could be – when I had doubts, he picked me up and if I wasn’t sure I could do something, he would push me to take risks and just try. It was this change in attitude to risk, opportunity and challenge that had a huge effect on my personal and business life.

It took me a while to see results, but that’s only because of how long it took me to decide to get out of the 9-5 safe bubble. Once I broke that mould, I could really take big opportunities, push myself and change my life.

To be honest, I was unsure whether I should work with Michael or do it myself – but I needed the push, which was well worth his price – the return on investment was huge, both in business and life.

He genuinely wants people to succeed and is hugely inspiring, as well as fun and compassionate. We had a good laugh! He really is a nice guy, whose passion is to help people become as big as they can be, both in life and business.

You won’t regret investing in yourself by investing in Michael.”

Phil Hinitt
Founder of Kabab

“We had moved out of the country for two years, and when we came back my life was a mess! I was trying to organise my business, my kids and my house all at once. I had too much chaos in my head and I needed someone to ground me, help point me in the right direction and show me the way of my own success. That’s why I hired Michael.

I was miserable, unhappy and had no focus. I wanted to be successful in my photography business, but I couldn’t make it happen. I had three kids to look after and a house to sort out. My business was suffering and I felt suffocated. It was a tough time and I needed someone to throw me a life jacket. I couldn’t talk to my husband or friends. I needed somebody neutral to guide me, advise me and to help me find my way.

I liked Michael’s no bullshit approach because that’s how I am -no filters. I thought we’d get on and be able to get some great work done together with a mutual understanding.

Working with him gave me clarity. He also gave me goals to work towards. Lists to write down. He even gave me homework. And then called me out on my bullshit if I didn’t do it. I got several kicks up the bum, slaps on the face and many of reality checks. And it’s exactly what I needed.

The best wake up call he gave me was when he asked me at my first session what kind of photography I do. I said “everything”. When he asked whether I liked doing everything, I realised that I hated it. I told him I just loved working with kids. What he said was so simple, but it hit me: “then just do kids”. It was like permission to do what I love to do and be okay with it.

He has a way of organising your life for you. That was great for me as I have my fingers in many pies. I needed a work/ life balance. He helped me narrow that down. How and when to focus on my work. Time management was key with our sessions – when you have your life staring at you on his enormous whiteboard, you have no choice but to get on with it. It was a kick up the ass and it’s exactly what I needed.

Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself, so you have to decide – are you worth your investment? And it was absolutely, 110% worth it for me. There was a monetary return, but more than that, there is something special that you can’t put a price on: self-confidence, self-worth and a zest for life.

Michael is a confident and cocky bastard. He knows his shit and he acts like he knows it. But this is actually very infectious. His positivity and confidence rub off on you, in a good way.

He’s a good-hearted, thoughtful and generous guy. He’s got an ego the size of London, or maybe the world, but it’s okay because he’s a decent guy who wants the best for his clients. As soon as you start getting to know him, you see his ego as confidence and you get him.

Coaching is so important to both personal and business life. If you want to move forward you need to invest in yourself. If you are going to invest in a coach, invest in someone who will push you to do more, be more and see the life that you could have ahead of you. He does all of that because he knows it works and he practices what he preaches.

If you need guidance, someone to tell you exactly where you’re going wrong, where you’re going right, and a kick up the backside to get shit done, you gotta call Michael.”

Lynn Margolis
Fine Art Portrait Photographer

“Before working with Michael, I was a nutritionist without a business. My business was a wish. I had been working with another coach for 18 months but had no clients. I needed a coach who was already successful in building his own business and could help me build mine.

I wanted to help people – but you can’t do that if you have no clients. I was gutted to have studied for three years but was still unable to help people. I was at my breaking point and was even looking for jobs in my old career in finance, which I had hated and had burnt me out.

I realised I needed a mentor. Someone who was ahead of me to help me understand what does it take to build a successful business, instead of just doing things without a clear strategy in place.

I decided to work with him immediately because he had what I wanted. He is highly professional and has a very strong personality. I have a strong personality too, so I needed someone who wasn’t just going to agree with me all the time.

I wanted to learn how to get clients and within a month with Michael I’ve turned my two enquiries into clients. What he was teaching me worked. Now I know exactly how to get clients, I give them what they need, and they have excellent results.

The most unexpected thing I found was that I needed to work on myself as much as my business. I realised the weakness in my business was a weakness in me: consistency. Not that I am not consistent in my business. But that I’m not consistent in looking after me personally. And that has a direct impact on my business.

Michael is both the sweetest and the harshest person. You never know what he’s going to say, but he’s always helping you to get where you want to be. I really hate him sometimes – when I want comfort he doesn’t babysit me, but pushes me. Equally though, when I’m really harsh with myself, he is there to congratulate me, remind me how far I’ve come and not to be too hard on myself. I love him for that.

Should you work with him? It comes down to how much you want to get the results you want. I asked myself ‘is it worth having that money in my bank account with a business that doesn’t work, or do I want to do something about it?’ It was a big bet for me, but it’s proven to be a winning one.”

Severine Menem
Weight Loss Nutritionist

“I hired Michael because I felt lonely. I felt that there were few people I could talk to who are at the mindset level that I have. I wanted to be met at my level and then challenged and pushed beyond my limits, because for me if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Every single day is about being better than the day before. I told him this during the initial consultation and I knew it would work from there.

I was unhappy just standing still and accepting average. I am constantly and relentlessly obsessed with getting better every minute of every day, so being like everyone else who accepts ‘normal’ isn’t for me. But that’s often lonely. I needed someone to challenge, push and say the things no-one else will. He has no vested interest like family, friends, boss or colleagues, he is just someone who wants to make your life better.

I don’t believe in fate, but sometimes the stars align: my boss met Michael, had a consultation and didn’t like him, but said he would be just right for me. The same day, another colleague recommended him. With two recommendations, I had to go to check him out. We met and just hit it off. This is important in a coach for me – to like and connect with them. And I did immediately. There was then never any question about working with him. I was strapped in for the journey.

The journey for me was about the small shifts throughout the process. At the start I wanted the big life changing moments and epiphanies, but it was about six months in when we had a round up and I realised that I’d already shifted a lot: I was thinking in a different way, processing information in a different way and challenging myself about the way that I’d been thinking before.

The big thing for me was matching my life with my world class, high achieving mindset. The most memorable and most enjoyable session was when Michael told me ‘I buy into your mentality, but when I look at your life, you might have a nice house and a good job, but you don’t stand out. There is no part of your life that is world class.’ That dug to the core of my soul and hit me like a punch in the gut, but it got me thinking in a very different way.

Michael is quite the alpha man, but some of our sessions were also quite deep on an emotional level, digging to a depth I wasn’t expecting. Whether it was talking about an argument I had with my wife or someone upsetting me at work, he went where I needed to go to resolve it.

So when at the end of our first six months he asked whether we would continue working together, it was an easy yes, as I felt I had unfinished business still. This proved to me I definitely got a great return on investment. Do I have more money in my bank account after working with him? Yes. But the real investment is in your life and that’s how you get a smile on your face on your deathbed: from the experiences you had and the impact you had on the world.

As a coach, Michael is unique. What you see is what you get. He gets to the core of what you do and doesn’t pad your sessions out with bullshit. He’s also a big softie and every time we meet we have a big hug. He really has no vested interest and his only goal is to make my life better – to feel more fulfilled and successful in every part of it. He’s always thinking about his people. He might be the highest paid coach in the U.K., but his aim is to have the biggest impact – that’s where he gets his sense of fulfilment from. He’s a top bloke and I love him!

If you’re thinking about working with him, think about the outcome you want and accept that what he might say to you may not be what you want to hear. But if you want to make changes, shift and be the best version of yourself, prepared to sacrifice things, he’s your guy. It’s limitless what you can do in this world and Michael will help you do things you never thought possible.”

Steve Rowbotham
Sales Director at Ink Global and Olympic Athlete

“From the outside looking in, it looked like I had everything. I was running a small successful businesses, but all I could see was that it wasn’t internationally successful. I was successful, but I always wanted more. What I had was never enough. I was frustrated all the time. I was in a downward spiral where everything was getting too much.

I was constantly tired and just didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I was running around trying to please everyone, keep the plates spinning and hold everything together. I needed to find the way out, but I didn’t know how to get out and manage everything that I had.

I needed someone to talk to, which as a business owner is hard to find. I had no-one to talk to, which is why I needed Michael. Without his support, my life would have crashed down around me, and I probably would have lost everything.

When I first went to see him, I had this big dream of taking my business internationally. Oddly enough, through the process, some of the things I thought were really important to me became less important, and some of the things I thought were really going well I realised needed improving, for example my personal life.

I’ve concluded I had actually achieved a lot already and didn’t need to go to the next level to be happy. I’m not going to be the next Elon Musk and I’m okay with it now. Focusing on other things instead made me feel more peaceful. I was happier with myself. All I really wanted is time to enjoy my life.

The changes started happening between our initial consultation and first session already. I knew I was going to be parting with a lot of money, so I started doing the work straight away. Then the first big and fast result was a result of Michael’s passion, enthusiasm and energy. He’s helped me win a £1m contract in my care business that I would otherwise not have dared to go for myself.

When I looked at Michael’s prices, I just looked at what I would get from working with him. I haven’t worked with him in three years, but I still remember all the lessons he taught me. I go to events he puts on and I speak to him regularly – he has a big impact, still to this day. I didn’t just pay for the sessions, I paid for all of it and I’m so glad I did. It’s been a great investment.

As a coach, I couldn’t speak any higher of him. He just knows what he’s doing, often from instinct. He’s been there, seen it, done it. He has this ability to tune into people, get into their heads and work out where to go to improve. But he pulls it from you too, so you realise it yourself. Then helps you plan, plot and realise it.

He’s actually a really caring guy and has a heart of gold. He really is genuinely interested in people – you never feel like just a client to him. He will deal with you professionally and how he needs to, but he cares about you. It’s been three years, but he still checks in on me to see how I am, because he’s just that kind of guy.

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. And if you seriously want to take yourself to another level, don’t think about working with Michael, just do it. Because he will get you there.

Pick up the phone and go to see the guy – he will change your life.”

Lee Taylor
Owner of Anytime Fitness Gym, Owner of a property company, a care company and a supplement product creator

“Before I met Michael, I had been running a marketing agency for 12 years. The business was going well, but it wasn’t really making me happy, which had a knock-on effect on my approach to my relationship and how I was with my new born baby. I was coasting. I knew that I had more to offer the world, but I just couldn’t work out how.

I wasn’t being the best dad or husband because all my energy was spent on trying to get my agency up and running, and I wasn’t even happy with that.

I met Michael through a business course run by Daniel Priestley called Key Person of Influence, where I was going through a lot of confidence challenges. He recommended Michael, but it took me a while before I approached him as I’d seen him before at other events and thought he was a bit arrogant.

We eventually spoke a few times at other events, and one day he suggested we have a no pressure consultation. I could really feel he just genuinely wanted to help me. And not only did he want to, I knew he could as well.

At the first meeting already, he just got me. We had a chat about all sorts of deep and meaningful things, but Michael cut to the chase and said ‘look, if you want to make changes in your life, you can’t just keep on doing the same old thing.’ I committed there and then. I’d spoken to coaches before, but he was the first person I met who I felt understood me and could actually help me make those changes.

He isn’t a straight laced, grey haired, suited and booted coach or consultant who holds back. He will call you out, every time. He’s very Michael. He’s the best at what he does in the UK, if not the world, in my opinion. And I now know that his persona isn’t arrogance, it’s confidence and self-belief.

When I went through a serious breakdown, I ended up on the side of a train track. I’m still here, so it was ok. The first thing I did was go home and spoke to my wife. The second person I spoke to was Michael. What transpired was that I was deeply unhappy with my lifestyle and I knew I had more to offer business owners. I told Michael I wanted to help people build businesses, not websites. He just asked, “so why aren’t you doing that?” He really cares about his clients. He spoke to me and supported me out of the breakdown and really showed me this side of his many don’t expect.

He made me realise I had lots of skills which led to me setting myself up as a business coach. I immediately closed down my marketing agency and thoroughly enjoyed my paternity leave, which was a major part of my coaching with Michael – getting something back for me which was getting to know my family better and spending more time with them. I’ve moved from being a humble, not very confident agency owner, to a very confident coach who has helped scores of entrepreneurs grow their businesses in huge ways, spoken at lots of events and written another book!

He said it might not be immediate to see your first breakthrough, but I saw mine in the first session already. He could see all these things that were bubbling away inside of me that had held me back in my life, my confidence level, my business successes and my relationships.

The money I spent on working with Michael was definitely well spent. If Carlsberg made coaches, it would be Michael. In terms of the relationship improvements and the business growth, I’ve got my money back 100 times over, if not more. The advice and knowledge that he’s imparted with me will stay with me forever, which I can’t possibly place a value on.

As a coach, he’s very genuine guy, but he’s also very marmite. He comes across as a bit of an arrogant twat, but when you cut through that, you can see he’s clearly been on a journey himself. He really just wants people to be happy and successful. And I don’t say this about many men, but I love Michael. We’ve had some deep conversations that I just couldn’t have with anyone else.

He is funny, sincere, honest and he never holds back. He pushes you and kicks you in the right direction, including telling you things you don’t want to hear. But it’s only because he wants you to succeed. It’s so rare to find someone so honest in this world.

If you’re on the fence about working with Michael, go and have a consultation with him. He’s changed my life in a number of ways and I’m a totally different person to when I first met him.

Whatever reservations you have, push them to a side and go and see what he can do for you.”

Robin Waite
Business Coach, Bestselling Author and Speaker

“I hired Michael because I was getting very frustrated in my corporate job. I was jutting against brick walls, became very negative and was finding a lot of conflict in my life. It didn’t matter what I did, life never went the way I wanted it to. I felt I should have been further along in my career, but others didn’t see my potential, which made me feel down and unmotivated to go to work and give my best. I needed support to overcome that. Michael was a third party, not part of my professional or personal life, to help me with that.

He gave me the time to reflect and see that the issues were within me. I realised I didn’t really want to be in the corporate world anymore: I wanted to start my own company, which Michael gave me the push and the confidence to do.

I saw a couple of coaches before deciding to work with Michael. He was the one I felt most comfortable with and I liked his firm, direct and laid-back approach. Once I’d met him, it was a no brainer. He had no hesitation in pushing me along, kicking me to get things done and asking the direct questions, which I didn’t feel the other coaches would give me.

He told me what I already knew but needed to hear again. He made me do a lot of self-reflection. So, sometimes working with him was pretty uncomfortable, but ultimately it gave me the ability to see myself clearer and more honestly.

I got results much faster than I anticipated. I think this is because he would set me little tasks and goals and would always follow up with the success of them. Then he would push me along further, harder and question why they didn’t work so well if they didn’t. The results just kept coming!

The impact on my personal life was completely unexpected. Michael’s focus is really on life as a whole. I saw that life is all intertwined and when I look at things that way, I saw how I could change everything faster and more positively.

He asks some awkward and personal questions, but you have to trust and be open with your coach. If you don’t, you won’t get the results you want. Michael knows more about me than most of my friends, so in having those real open conversations, he could tell me in real terms what I need to work on.

Working with him is expensive, but you get a lot more back than you put in.

He’s a very direct and blunt individual. And that’s just what a lot of people who work in the corporate world need. Those at the top of their game especially, because people look up to them and won’t push and kick them if that’s what they need, whereas Michael has absolutely no hesitation in doing that.

As a person, behind the coach, he’s a great guy. He’s approachable and is always there for you. He has his hard persona, but he’s actually very soft as well. Plus, he’s a lot of fun too. You definitely don’t have to be serious all the time during the sessions with him.

Anyone who wants to work with Michael and is worried about the cost or how he is, forget about that and just do it. The impact he has on his client’s lives is second to none. Don’t think about it, just pick up the phone and start your sessions with him as soon as you can.”

Phil Warrener
QBick CEO and Fintech Entrepreneur

“The reason I came to Michael was that I wanted to live somewhere different, but the thought of moving was overwhelming, especially with a busy career. I was happy enough in my career, but even there I felt I was coasting with no signs of progression. The thought of moving house and changing careers was completely overwhelming.

I was in a rut and I definitely wasn’t aligned. Life wasn’t as it should be. I was unsettled and wanted to do and have something different, but I didn’t know how to get there.

I googled ‘straightforward coaching’ and Michael popped up. He told me to ‘stop bitching and take some action’. Simple? Yes. But sometimes you need someone to say it and mean it. And he certainly meant it.

After working with him, I moved house not just once, but twice. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I realised if you take action, it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be. Oh, I also made two big career moves in that time, too. All of this within just two years.

Did I get a return on my investment in coaching? Absolutely, without a doubt.

Michael is polarizing, direct, deliberately provocative and arrogant sometimes, but he has the proven results to back it up. He certainly won’t do the job for you or comfort you in your woes, but he’ll always help you find the actions to take to get you what you want.

He’s not for the faint hearted, though – so don’t work with him if you’re easily offended. He will challenge you, he will tell you where you’re going wrong and he will call you out on your behaviour. If you don’t like that, he’s probably not the coach for you. But if you want to change things and get things done fast, he might just be the man for you.”

Darren Williams
Founder of DW Exec and Operations Director at Vini Italiani

Shola Adegoroye

“I worked with Michael at a time when I had experienced a real career lull. I had enjoyed a successful NHS management career with multiple promotions, opportunities and accolades and yet here I was after a 16 year career feeling unhappy, de-energised and lacking the unwavering sense of purpose in this area of my life that was my central motivator. My enthusiasm had seriously waned.

I had worked with Michael a few years previously on identifying and achieving some personal goals. Michael couldn’t be more different than me. I believe this has been very helpful as I had a tendency to surround myself with similar personalities and viewpoints to my own.

Michael helped me to look at things in a new way; to move away from negative associations and be braver to work on exciting new goals that would take me outside of my comfort zone, but lead to infinitely more rewarding paths. Within four months I had made a decision to move on from permanent employment and set up my own business, which is flourishing today.

Working with Michael required a significant financial investment – one that I would say was worth every single penny. I have easily seen the return of that investment 10-fold.

Michael is extremely honest, generous and fun! Without fail, I felt he was always fully present and 100% committed to helping me achieve my goals.

I would recommend Michael without hesitation, but with a warning – be prepared for your life to never be the same again!”

Shola Adegoroye
Founder and Director of Reach Up Consultancy

Kfir Alfia

“Michael is extremely talented at what he does. From day one working together, I knew I was in very capable hands as he helped me get my ass in gear for one of the most productive runs of my life. And now that run has become my new normal.”

Kfir Alfia
Co-Founder of Maestro Personal Assistants

Abeer Al Matooq

“Before I started working with Michael, I was on the edge of changing lanes, moving from employment to entrepreneurship. I was at the top of my career at the time and leaving it was a step that everyone saw and still sees as insane. People don’t leave such wonderful positions to fly solo and start all over again. But I knew I had to.

I was someone who lives for meaning and impact. If I can’t bring change and add value, I see no reason for sticking around. And only sticking around for financial security is for me a shameful act: my system aggressively refuses it.

This job was leaving me frustrated, soul-less, empty and useless. Everyday. I felt a screaming inside my chest that was growing bigger than me. It was pushing me to make a move.

I wanted to work with Michael because I liked his no bullshit approach, clarity and straightforwardness.

Through my sessions with him I got the confidence and conviction to get where I couldn’t get to on my own: to take the biggest step in my life. I jumped off the cliff to do what I came to this planet to do: help people be their true selves and loyal to their dreams.

I was lucky enough to be in London (I’m from Bahrain) when I first engaged with Michael, so started to implement the plan for change fairly immediately. Within four months I was ready to submit my resignation and start the new phase in my journey.

As a coach, Michael is fierce. Definitely no BS accepted here! And he is very abundant in his perspectives, which rubs off on you as a client. As a person, he is passionate, full of fire for life and for his profession with laser focus on his goals. This rubbed off on me too.

If you are looking for a nice yes-man, run away! Michael will grill you to get the best juice out of you. But you’ll love every moment of working with him.”

Abeer Al Matooq
Author, Life and Corporate Coach, and Founder of Thrive Coaching Consultancy

Scott Keyser

“A mix of personal and professional challenges led me to seek out a coach. The personal will stay between me and Michael, but one of my professional frustrations was that my revenue didn’t reflect the high value I add to clients. After several years of grappling with this I realised I needed some outside help. A friend recommended Michael.

I recall vividly meeting Michael for the first time, determined not to reveal too much of the personal stuff till I felt comfortable with him. Well, that worked well, didn’t it? Within a few minutes of meeting him I’d spilt my guts! He disarmed me with his skilful questions, directness, honesty, humour and no-nonsense approach. Oh yes, and his charm.

Over the few months we worked together, he helped me to build my ‘hustle muscle’, changing my daily routine to devote time to making sales calls, day in, day out, till it had become a habit. Within a few weeks I saw an uplift in revenue. On the personal front, he helped me confront certain options that for me had previously been unthinkable.

In sum, I feel that my time with Michael was well spent and gave me a terrific return on my investment. If asked to describe his style and approach as a coach, I would say that Michael Serwa is the real deal.”

Scott Keyser
The Writing Guy™

Tristan Mehta

“When considering how to improve my life, the most important thing I have ever done is to identify which beliefs are limiting me. Everyone has limiting beliefs – often stemming from their personal history and upbringing. For me, the concept of life coaching is less about identifying solutions to particular problems, but more around an entire shift in mindset.

When I first met Michael – I mean, literally in the first few minutes – I felt my limiting beliefs immediately being challenged. This wasn’t because of the topic of conversation (e.g. “what are your goals”) but more because of the level of development, self-worth and vibrational frequency that Michael is operating at. This does one of two things – it polarises you. Either you are repelled because you aren’t ready to be challenged. Or you are forced to accept that you do not have any reason to limit your potential in life.

This is why I found coaching with Michael to be so transformative. Month by month, the internal bullshit I would tell myself became quieter, and was replaced with an abundance mindset; with stronger boundaries and a greater capacity to be vulnerable and give love.

I now find myself at my strongest mentally, but also less ego-driven and more capable of accepting criticism. In short, my experience represented a turning point in my life, and there is no financial value that I could put on this.

My business has grown by 150% and I have met my life partner throughout my time being coached by Michael. Thank you for being part of my life buddy!”

Tristan Mehta
Cosmetic Doctor
CEO, Harley Academy